• Product TypeZip Screen
  • Roof MovementVertical
  • MaterialPVC Based Fabric & Aluminum Slat
  • System TypeMotorized Automatic

Izip Screen

Experience the practical charm of IZIPSCREEN, a cost-effective solution that balances privacy and natural light in your outdoor spaces. It’s color variety and seamless design enhance and elevate your exterior aesthetics.

Enjoy the view with excellent transparency

Experience a clear view even when the awning is lowered with Soltis Horizon 86. It blocks up to 93% of the heat during outdoor use while providing exceptional visual contact.

Promote natural light for energy saving and well-being

Soltis Horizon 86 optimizes natural light intake, resulting in energy savings by reducing the need for artificial lighting. It also enhances the well-being, health, and productivity of individuals in both professional and private settings.

Creating Environments That Inspire and Transform

Soltis Horizon 86 offers a wide range of coordinated colors with Soltis Perform 92. This harmonizes all building facades, meets visual comfort needs based on the orientation of each facade, and adjusts thermal protection to save energy.

  • Blocking Heat Up To93%
  • Unit Area Weight EN ISO 2286-20.38kg/m²
  • Fire Proof Class 1 – EN 13773B-S2,d0
  • Openness Factor14%
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Color & Fabric options

There are multiple colours available within the Shadeex range that you can choose from, or you can personalize the product to your liking.

The fabric is available in four primary colours as the standard, and custom orders, we can provide the fabric in vairous other colours. (Serge Ferrari Soltis)

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