Harmonious Built Environments

Hilton Maslak

  • ProductBioclimatic Pergola
  • LocationMaslak, Istanbul
  • DateFebruary 2020
  • TypeHotel Restaurant

More about project

The Istanbul Maslak Hilton, a beacon of luxury and innovation, took a significant step forward by upgrading the Zaxi restaurant’s terrace area. The introduction of the Skylounge Bioclimatic Pergola at this prime location marked a new era in outdoor dining sophistication.

Situated on the terrace, the Skylounge Pergola was meticulously selected for its ability to blend the comfort of an indoor setting with the allure of the outdoors. This bioclimatic structure was engineered to provide optimal control over light and ventilation, allowing guests to savor the pleasant Istanbul climate in a refined and comfortable environment. Its design was both aesthetically pleasing and functionally superior, ensuring that diners could enjoy their meals in an ambiance that was both elegant and environmentally harmonious.

In addition to the pergola, the Paraglide Guillotine Glass parapets were a critical component of this renovation. These motorized glass panels offered a sleek and modern solution to weather protection, moving seamlessly to shield diners from wind and cooler temperatures. The clarity of the glass maintained an uninterrupted connection with the vibrant outdoor setting, offering diners panoramic views of the Istanbul skyline.

This transformation of the Zaxi restaurant’s terrace significantly increased its dining capacity, adding about 50 more seats. This expansion was not just a response to increased demand; it was a strategic move to enhance the overall dining experience. The combination of the Skylounge Pergola and the Paraglide Guillotine Glass parapets created a luxurious and inviting outdoor dining space, perfect for both intimate dinners and larger gatherings.

The project at the Istanbul Maslak Hilton’s Zaxi restaurant became a shining example of how innovative design and technology can be harmoniously integrated into the hospitality industry. It demonstrated the hotel’s commitment to offering exceptional experiences, where every detail is carefully considered to ensure guest comfort and satisfaction. The newly upgraded terrace area at Zaxi restaurant emerged as a premier destination, embodying the essence of contemporary luxury dining.