Harmonious Built Environments

Distric Five

  • ProductClassic Pergola
  • LocationBirzebugga, Malta
  • DateApril 2019
  • TypeRestaurant

More about project

In 2019, Shadeex undertook a challenging project to install a high-quality pergola at the District Five restaurant in Birzebugga, Malta, located near the pool area. The total area covered was a staggering 550 square meters, and our team completed the entire project, including manufacturing, transportation, and installation, within six weeks. Our skilled team anchored 31 steel columns and fixed 27 steel cross beams, installing 17 retractable roofs and 10 motorized vertical shades to provide an unparalleled outdoor experience for the restaurant’s guests.

The Shadeex pergola is not just a functional structure that provides protection from the elements; it’s a masterpiece that enhances the aesthetic value of the outdoor space. The beautiful pergola allows guests to enjoy the pool and relax in the shade while providing excellent sun and rain protection. With Shadeex’s durable and reliable structures, the restaurant’s outdoor space has been significantly enhanced for all seasons, making it an ideal spot for guests to unwind and enjoy the beautiful surroundings.

The Shadeex pergola installed at the District Five restaurant in Birzebugga, Malta, has provided substantial financial benefits to the restaurant owner. The pergola, strategically located near the pool, offers guests a sheltered area while swimming and sunbeds for those who prefer to rest in the shade. The retractable roofs provide flexibility for guests who wish to soak up the sun, creating an overall exceptional outdoor experience for diners. By expanding the covered area, the Shadeex pergola has enabled the restaurant to accommodate more guests and increase revenue, while better control of the outdoor temperature and light has enhanced customer satisfaction, resulting in increased repeat business and positive reviews. The high-quality and durable Shadeex pergola requires minimal maintenance, providing cost savings for the restaurant owner in the long run. Ultimately, the installation of the Shadeex pergola has been a wise investment, providing immediate and long-term financial benefits while enhancing the guest experience.