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With over a decade of experience in the shading solutions industry, Shadeex has established itself as a leading manufacturer and exporter of high-quality products worldwide. Our range of aluminum motorised pergolas, bioclimatic pergolas, and vertical motorised zip blinds are custom-designed to suit your specific needs, delivering both style and functionality to your outdoor spaces. We take pride in completing hundreds of successful projects, particularly in Europe, where we have become a trusted name in the industry. At Shadeex, we understand the importance of collaborating with architects and professional contractors to deliver tailored shading solutions that meet their clients’ unique requirements. We offer our expertise and support throughout the project lifecycle, from design and planning to installation and after-sales service. We also welcome potential distributors who would like to join us in bringing our innovative and reliable shading solutions to new markets. With Shadeex, you can expect exceptional quality, flexibility, and customer service that meet your every need.
  • Our Mission
  • Our Vision

At Shadeex, our mission is to elevate outdoor living experiences through innovative and meticulously crafted shading solutions. With over a decade of expertise, we are committed to delivering high-quality aluminum motorised pergolas, bioclimatic pergolas, and vertical motorised zip blinds tailored to meet the unique needs of our clients. We take pride in our global presence, focusing on Europe, where we have earned trust as a leading manufacturer and exporter. Our mission extends beyond product excellence; we actively collaborate with architects and professional contractors to provide personalized shading solutions, offering unwavering support from design and planning to installation and after-sales service. By prioritizing exceptional quality, flexibility, and customer service, we strive to enhance the functionality and style of outdoor spaces, setting a benchmark for the shading solutions industry worldwide.

Shadeex envisions a world where outdoor spaces are transformed into havens of comfort and style, seamlessly blending nature with cutting-edge technology. As a pioneer in the shading solutions industry, our vision is to continually innovate and lead, offering a diverse range of shading products that redefine outdoor living. We aspire to expand our global footprint, reaching new markets and forging partnerships with distributors who share our commitment to excellence. Our vision encompasses a future where Shadeex is synonymous with unparalleled quality, reliability, and customer satisfaction. Through sustainable practices and ongoing collaboration, we aim to shape the outdoor living landscape, leaving a lasting legacy of exceptional shading solutions that stand the test of time.

Project process

1. Initial Consultation and Concept

Our journey begins with an in-depth consultation where we listen attentively to our clients' ideas, preferences, and objectives. Understanding our clients' needs forms the cornerstone of our design process. Armed with insights gathered from the initial consultation and site analysis, our team of experienced architects and designers embark on the creative journey of conceptualization. We explore various design possibilities, considering factors such as functionality, aesthetics, sustainability, and budget constraints.

2. Detailing and Documentation

Once the concept is finalized, we meticulously detail and document every aspect of the project, from architectural drawings to material specifications. Our thorough documentation ensures seamless execution during the construction phase.We present the finalized concept project to our clients, providing them with a comprehensive understanding of the design intent, functionality, and aesthetic appeal of the proposed space. Now we are ready to present you our official offer contract for the projects.

3. Installation and Project Handover

With the concept project approved, we work closely with our clients to facilitate a smooth transition to the next phase of the project, whether it's obtaining permits, selecting true location, planing and managing installation. After you share with us the date you have decided on the installation, our professional installation team will come to visit you on the date you specify.
We always support our customers for after-sales technical support, and you can always contact us for malfunctions and replacements that are under warranty.

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