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Stay steady with tensile structures.

Velarium is engaged in the design of tensioning metal structures, tent structures, awnings, pergola, for car parks, for stadiums, for sports complexes, for amphitheatres, for restaurants.



It is exactly the sail the awning structure is associated with, isn’t it?

No wonder because the first awnings were made from canvas.

The ancient Romans used sails to protect viewers from the sun during gladiator fights. They were attached to masts driven into the walls of amphitheaters.

In ancient Roman, the sail is referred to as velum. Accordingly, the canvas awning was called Velarium.

Historically, the largest and the oldest known velarium was set above the Colosseum during Great Games that lasted 100 days. The awning was dismantled after 100 days.


The design service includes preparing a complete project of the future structure, as well as drawing of the smallest details.

As a result, you will have a clear idea of how your design will look like in real life. The design includes a 3D visualization of the project.

If you have a ready estimate drawn up to the high standard considering the details, you can contact ShadeEx for the service of designing awning structures.

ease of use

You can either order some particular service or combine multiple services, or you can opt for a package solution that includes all of the above services. In the later case, your benefits will be much more tangible.

With Velarium, you will not only save money and time at the stage of execution of the order, but also start making money on your project.




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