Retractable Pergola : CLASSIC

Control the sunshine with a remote control.

Classic is a retractable roof system adapted to aluminum structure.
With its clean and motorised design, Classic Motorised Pergola adds value to your outdoor areas.


With its straight lines and modern design, Classic is distinguished by its high performance and strong structure within its own kind. Classic, on the terrace of your house, in the garden or outdoor areas of cafés and restaurants, is a stylish way to value outdoors in the most effective way at all seasons.

The product is designed to be used in all seasons meaning that you can use the product in all-weather conditions according to its User Manual.


Product can be turned into a winter garden by enclosing it with different kind of enclosures such as glazing etc.

You can choose any of the ceiling covers that ShadeEx offers with a wide range of ceiling covers, with a selection of colours, materials like PVC fabrics and patterns.
All ceiling covers are made in Europe with an CE certificate and are under 5 years warranty against fading and mould.

Being hand crafted and in itself unique, all our products are suitable for customization from ceiling cover to construction material.

Thanks to the technology used in electronic components you are able to control our products via automation system you already have or through a mobile application on your smart phone which is available at Apple’s App Store or at Android Market.

Rain water is disposed with the help of a drainage system that is integrated into the aluminium structure. If desired, lighting systems can be adapted to the ceiling cover which moves together with it. You can choose either Spot Lights or Linear Lights those are installed on the aluminium profiles and can be controlled by a remote control or with a remote controlled dimmer function.



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